About Our Video Section

In this section we feature pieces that are created on video. The artists that we have chosen to feature have created work utilizing video, performance, animation (both computer and physical stop animation), and more in order to create meaningful pieces of art. Initially you will be provided with the name of the artist, the name of the series or piece, and the medium through which they are expressing themselves.

If the artist has provided a statement this will be below the name of the piece/medium and underneath that you will find thumbnails of all of the works we have chosen from that artist. Click these thumbnails to view the enlarged and complete work!

Daisy Corso

Title: Left Alone

Medium: video art

Artist Statement: As she discovers her, she discovers herself. Laying with the night sky blanketed over us, body heat rising, and tension in an uproar. This night wasn’t supposed to happen.
My bones are cold as our hands long for each others warmth, I reach for you.
We unite and ignite fireworks into the very sky that blankets us.
The stars and moon are replaced by the new of the day. Our breath is cold smoke seeping and it’s dew that blankets us now. This night wasn’t supposed to happen.
I wash you off my skin, I cannot help but return to you, our fireworks, the night sky. I wash you off my skin, my bones are cold and you’re not here to warm them.
And went on with half of my life about my ways. This night wasn’t supposed to happen

Daisy Corso and Andrew Scadden

Title: This Body That

Medium: video art

First Video Artist Statement: this body of mine
burden by cultural norms
free me from these chains
i am who i am
born into the wrong body
set my image free
Second Video Artist Statement: in this body that
fights against itself
beauty can be found
my identity
is not proven by these clothes
do not label me

Jade Gallegos

Title: Seduction Scene

Medium: text-animation

Artist Statement: The Graduate (1967) is both mine and many's favorite classic film. Just as striking as the visuals in the film are, it's paired with a killer script. I chose to animate the text of the famous seduction scene from the film in this text animation video. Through typography, animation, sound and color I recreated and further expressed the characters without the original video visuals of the scene. I was interested in being able to re-create these characters without their bodies, and only with the expressions of their character through the use of audio reinforced by typography. Without being spoon-fed, you the viewer can grasp the essence of these characters and their circumstances.

Edward Phillips Hill

Title: "All Watched Over" by Machines of Loving Grace

Medium: stop animation

Artist Statement: For this stop animation I really wanted to pay tribute to writer Richard Braughtigan and the ideologies that he expounded through his poetry and literature. Additionally, after getting my feet wet with my first stop animation, I wanted to really start to explore what I could do with the medium.

Edward Phillips Hill

Title: Unbearable Lightness Is Fleeting

Medium: Stop Animation

Artist Statement: This was my first attempt at a stop animation. I was hoping to convey a minimal abstract narrative using only scrunched squares of colored cellophane. I was influenced by my love for Milan Kundera and the Lightness Chapter Italo Calvino's Six Memos for the Next Millennium. It was an incredible learning experience and creating stop animation is truly rewarding.

Kristen Morrison

Title: 2464

Medium: video art

Artist Statement: This is a video I made in 2014. There are 2,464 syringes in the video, which each represent 1 day that I'd spent without my brother after he passed away from a heroin overdose.

Kristen Morrison

Title: Silenziosa Luna

Medium: animation

Artist Statement: This is an animated video I made for my Narrative Design class this semester. Our projects were supposed to be based on the idea of lightness, so I decided to focus on the moon. While it is a massive celestial body, it floats in the sky as if weightless and it also reflects light. To mirror the lightness of the moon, I included different animals that in my mind have elements of lightness themselves.

R. Mutt Jr.

Title: Detaching From Mother's Breast

Medium: video art

Artist Statement: My idea behind “Detaching from Mother's Breast” is showing an abstract narrative of a real life experience that the LGBTQIA person sometimes goes through. This short film represents a perspective of a queer person born into a conservative family. The video showcases being rejected by family members because of being gay and searching for your family through substance, then detaching from your literal and figurative mother's nipple to find your chosen family.

Shira Roth

Title: Ice Tea

Medium: performance/video art

Artist Statement: Here is a video performance art piece inspired by a psychedelic experience I had in which a tiny drink umbrella transformed into a life-size parasol.

Shira Roth

Title: Le Clowne Triste

Medium: performance/video art

Artist Statement: Here is an emotional performance video art piece from a time I was temporarily maimed.

Shira Roth

Title: Tea and Coffee

Medium: performance/video art

Artist Statement: Here is a performance video art piece about ADHD alongside my daily routine.

Shira Roth

Title: Voyage en Velo

Medium: performance/video art

Artist Statement: Here is a documentary video art piece derived from a week’s worth of footage obtained through a GoPro on my bicycle.

William Wood

Title: Practice Day

Medium: video art

Artist Statement: This work is my self-portrait as a member of “Scotty and the Late Nights.” I typically don't talk too much about my band, and it's actually a really big part of my life and I want to share to people what a practice day is like for me, from waking up in the morning and seeing my entire day through my perspective. I want to represent how we go through all this work and traveling, just to play for a few hours every week and how much I really love this band, even though I don't usually talk about it.

Featuring the song "Still Trying" by Nathaniel Rateliff and the members of Scotty and the Late Nights, I present to you my self-portrait.

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