About Our Jewelry Section

Here is work created within the confines of the wearable jewelry medium. The artist we have chosen to feature utilized metal work and a variety of other strategies to create meaningful and wearable pieces of art. Initially you will be provided with the name of the artist, the title of the series or piece, and the medium through which they are expressing themselves.

If the artist has provided a statement, this will be below the name of the piece/medium. Underneath that, you will find thumbnails of all of the works we have chosen from that artist. Click these thumbnails to view the enlarged and complete work.

Michael Davenall

Title: ‘Affixed’ Gear

Medium: sterling silver & copper

Artist Statement: Michael Davenall is an Artist and Design Engineer who utilizes a wide variety of skills in order to bring visionary pieces to life. Founder and Lead Designer at idea faucet limited, Davenall has a constant drip of products in a wide variety of mediums and styles. Design engineering can limit vision, so Davenall finds artistic release in jewelry and fashion design, but the precision of the engineer is hard to miss in his style and execution. A style typically representative of life and nature, Davenall adds levels of whimsy and mystery to his work, fusing high tech with high fashion. Pure aesthetics will not do, and the age-old axiom of ‘form follows function’ mandates his approach. The result is functional design full of beauty.

Title: ‘Affixed’ Gear

Medium: sterling silver & copper

Title: Formal Contraception

Medium: nickel silver, rutilated quartz. color-change LED

Title: Sticks & Stones

Medium: fine silver, sterling silver & copper

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