About Our Communication Design Section

In this section we feature pieces that are created and work within the theoretical confines of field of Communication Design. The artists that we have chosen to feature have created work utilizing digital art, design/communication strategies, image manipulation, and much more in order to create meaningful pieces of art. Initially you will be provided with the name of the artist, the name of the series or piece, and the medium through which they are expressing themselves.

If the artist has provided a statement this will be below the name of the piece/medium and underneath that you will find thumbnails of all of the works we have chosen from that artist. Click these thumbnails to view the enlarged and complete work!

Nichole Atwood

Title: Legalization in Colorado

Medium: graphic design

Title: Yogi Infograph

Medium: graphic design

Catherine Cory

Title: My Psychotic Break 0001

Medium: digital art

Artist Statement: This is the way I see things when I am having a psychotic break/mental illness episode. This was created during my last break in the fall of 2013.

John Grupe III

Title: It’s Still a Beautiful World

Medium: digital design

Micaela Haluko

Title: Something in the Air

Medium: digital art

Kristen Morrison

Title: Untitled

Medium: digital collage

Evonna Ramirez

Title: Sea Turtles Escape

Medium: digital flyer

Kevin Roysden

Title: Confession

Medium: digital design

Artist Statement: Inspired by Neville Brody

Brianna Thorsen


Medium: digital illustration

Title: Good Evening

Medium: digital painting

Title: I Should Tip How Much?

Medium: digital infograph

Title: Not Enough Coffee

Medium: digital poster

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