About Our 3D Section

Here is work created within the confines of the three-dimensional world. The artists we have chosen to feature have utilized sewing and fabric manipulation, ceramics and sculptting, metal work, and more to create meaningful pieces of art. Initially you will be provided with the name of the artist, the title of the series or piece, and the medium through which they are expressing themselves.

If the artist has provided a statement, this will be below the name of the piece/medium. Underneath that, you will find thumbnails of all of the works we have chosen from that artist. Click these thumbnails to view the enlarged and complete work.

Allison Copeland

Title: Elizabeth

Medium: stoneware ceramic

Lindsey Ernst

Title: The Buddha Eye Ray Gun

Medium: raised copper, quartz and zincite

Kristen Morrison

Title: Kastina Steam

Medium: mask

Artist Statement: This is a mask that I made for my 3D Art class in 2013. It was supposed to be inspired by an element we see in ourselves. This mask represents a form of protection against letting myself being walked all over, and it was inspired by Native American artwork, specifically representations of katsinas.

Anupong Silutamabucha

Title: Mr. Pig

Medium: ceramic

Artist Statement: Hi, my name is Anupong Silutamabucha. I am currently a student at MSU Denver.

My major is drawing. This work is from the Ceramics I class in Spring 2015.

Kristina Spargo

Title: Golden Turquoise

Medium: ceramic

Title: Kaleidoscope

Medium: fibers

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