About Our 2D Section

Here is work created within the confines of the two-dimensional world. The artists we have chosen to feature have utilized printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, collage, and more to create meaningful pieces of art. Initially you will be provided with the name of the artist, the title of the series or piece, and the medium through which they are expressing themselves.

If the artist has provided a statement, this will be below the name of the piece/medium. Underneath that, you will find thumbnails of all of the works we have chosen from that artist. Click these thumbnails to view the enlarged and complete work.

Tim Arndt

Title: Dendro Obdenus Rosmarus

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Edward Ayala

Title: from the Nook Series

Medium: digital prints

Emerald Boes

Title: Contact Through Meditation

Medium: digital photograph

Artist Statement: I mainly work with mediums of video, photography, and collage. Influences come from artists such as Frida Kahlo, Tim Walker, Leonora Carrington, Gregory Crewdson and Hannah Hoch. My concentration is photography, and I have worked with various technology such as 35mm film, medium and large format cameras, pinhole cameras, holgas, polaroid and digital cameras. I find myself especially drawn towards post-process digital collage, black and white images, and the grainy quality of film.

Currently, I have been working with themes of nightmares and fears, and the psychology behind them. I am also working on an ongoing project titled My Love Was Lost, which focuses on subjects who have lost a loved one. This will be a photography, video and creative writing collaborative, where I will open up discussion on the differences in grieving processes, what we remember most about our loved ones, and the use of art as part of the grieving process. Through this project, I hope to create a community using art for its healing powers as I have.

With this submission, I am exploring the history behind contact with the deceased. This photograph is a visual exploration of trying to collapse the realms of the living and dead and creating communication through meditation.

Cedric Chambers

Title: Kiersten Clowes

Medium: oil on canvas

Title: Selfie

Medium: digital photography

Title: Zombie Crawl

Medium: oil on canvas

Patrick Cosner

Title: Abscond

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Artist Statement: Before moving back to his home state and becoming a Wyoming based artist, Patrick's work was exhibited in many shows and locations in Colorado including Raw Nerve, Metamorphose and Infinite Hustle at Denver's Center for Visual Art, Antecedent at the Denver Public Library, Metamorphosis at the Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery, and a skeletal study at Museum of the Rockies in Montana as well as many more. Patrick also has a permanent rotation of work at White Dog Brewing Company in Bozeman, Montana. After finishing his BFA degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver and obtaining his K-12 Art Education license in Colorado and Wyoming, Patrick moved back to his home state to teach, be near family, and create art inspired by Wyoming's tranquility and beauty.

Alanna Danielson

Title: Spoons Series

Medium: monotype prints

Artist Statement: This series of three is about the performativity of being a server/waiter. These prints show masks that people in the service industry wear in order to protect their identities. The red print is a mask of vanity that protects the wearer by draining the life from that person. That life is transferred into only the aspects of him/her that can be perceived as desirable.

The green print represents a mask of fun, or a clown mask. A server can use this mask to disguise the aspects of himself that a customer might perceive as tedious or tiresome. Lastly, the blue print depicts the mask of a smile. In a professional setting, a server is encouraged to smile at the customer, and hide any unhappiness that she is feeling.

Bryan Higgins

Title: A Beautiful Perspective

Medium: digital photography

Artist Statement: My name is Bryan Higgins and I am a current student at MSU Denver. I plan on pursuing my BFA with a focus in photography. I have been a photographer for several years now, but feel there are many things the photography department here at Metro can teach me to better myself as a photographer and hopefully one day support myself financially by doing what I love.

Darlene Kay Thomas

Title: Viper Skull

Medium: pyrography on wood

Artist Statement: Vertebrates are born with a fully formed and almost entirely hidden skeletal system. This structure serves the creature: growing, moving and protecting through every moment of life. It is not until after death that decomposition dissolves away skin and flesh revealing superbly intricate arrangements and interaction of bones and teeth. Skull and bone are the last remnants and reminders of the unique identity of a creature now gone. Viper Skull is work that celebrates the beauty of the remnants of life made visible by decay. Pyrography (wood burning) oxidizes the wooden panel stroke by stroke, leaving remnants behind which create the image. Burning is a similar process to decomposition. One material is broken down into other simpler materials. No matter is lost; no matter is gained only images of life and living are left behind.

Mary Kitsmiller

Title: The Absurdity of Arming Everyone

Medium: oil and acrylic

Artist Statement: My name is Mary Kitsmiller and my art is extremely important to me. The Absurdity of Arming Everyone deals with gun control.

Alejandra Lujan

Title: Wild & Remiss

Medium: lithography print

Tommy McLaughlin

Title: Inside Rooms

Medium: ballpoint pen on mylar

Kelly Mitchell

Title: Christine

Medium: scanography

Title: Jordaan

Medium: scanography

Connie Mobley Johns

Title: Hidden Strength

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Title: Inside

Medium: acrylic on wood panel

Kate Oakley

Title: From the Identity series

Medium: black and white film photography

Artist Statement: Identity is something that is performed; we have different identities for different situations and how we want to portray ourselves to certain people. We all wear different masks when we portray the identity we want others to see. Our identity is a performance and often stereotypes occur that we identify others as in context to their race, religion, gender, economic status, or political affiliations. But when we self-identify it is something that is deeper and means more. We can look into our lives and discover words that reflect us as individuals. Our identities also change as we move through different stages, as we continue to grow, as we learn who we are in the world, and as we discover how we might fit into it. This series allowed the sitter to choose a word they felt identified them and, as I placed it on their body, they donned it proudly, communicating in a new way their own self-perception of who they are. Each word is personal to the sitter and holds something unique to them. The word reflects a deeper meaning and the portrait of the individual allows the viewer a look into their life.

Michael Ortiz

Title: Metal Works

Medium: photography

Artist Statement: For hundreds of years, body image has been a huge part of culture and society. This series, which has yet to be completed, focuses on body images. The images focus on texture and form, to be statuesque, reminiscent of sculpted works of art throughout the ages. The use of metallic paint gives the models a modern metal feel, separating them from the traditional marble or stone used for sculpting.

The elimination of the face and skin color is meant to not distract from the pure form of the body, the skin color and the personal attachment of looking into the eyes of the model can cause one to subconsciously view the work in the wrong way. The isolation of the model continues to hone in on the texture and form, as well as the close up shooting style.

Christina Parsons

Title: Why Have All the Stars Fallen?

Medium: acrylic and mixed media

Shira Roth

Title: Self Portrait

Medium: acrylic paint/mixed media on canvas

Title: Untitled

Medium: digital art

Austin Shrader

Title: Friends & Family

Medium: scanography

Artist Statement: My name is Austin Sharder and I've been working for 25 years.

For the next 25 years I'm going to do something else and this is the start.

Valeriana Sloan

Title: It Matters

Medium: photography

Ben Tarver

Title: Home on the Range

Medium: photography

Title: Infinite

Medium: photography

Laura Van Wormer

Title: Storms or Rainbow?

Medium: photography

Artist Statement: This is taken in Estes Park, Colorado right after a storm in the fall. We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Brittney VerBerkmoes

Title: Fragments Series

Medium: acrylic paint

Artist Statement: For much of my life I have participated in the performing arts. My love for dancing, singing, and acting eventually led me to recognize my passion for the visual arts. It started in high school, after having to quit ballet; the creative outlet that took its place was endlessly drawing ballet dancers. The series Fragments reflects performance as it makes up pieces of my identity: a conglomeration of experiences and memories that construct who we are over time.

A series constructed through representational images, Fragments employs images of theatrical performance and self to resemble the past. Acrylic is used in this series to reflect paint as a traditional visual art medium in relation to theater as a prominent form of the performing arts. Janine Antoni influenced this body of work, as her work has been comprised of acts like Lick and Lather. Antoni manipulates busts of herself in chocolate and soap to portray parts of identity, specifically our love-hate relationship we have with our physical appearance. Painting, acting, singing, and dancing are ways to perform for others in hopes of inspiring, and are the acts that create my identity as an artist.

Title: Fragments

Title: Ophelia

Title: Preparation

Sadie Young

Title: Sabien

Medium: oil on canvas

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