There’s no way to get around it: We are living in the Digital Age. As the vast majority of individuals are walking around permanently attached to smart phones, tablets, and/or laptops, we feel that it’s time to evolve.

After 33 years of relying exclusively on print to present student and alumni work, we made the courageous decision to explore alternatives. This year’s theme of “performativity” offered the ideal opportunity to create an online issue, one that can effectively showcase the growing amount of digital-based and time-based art, as well as give the opportunity to feature spoken word poetry and music.

Creative Director Kenzie Sitterud has spent countless hours coding the website from top to bottom and, with the help of the talented Edward Hill, created a beautiful publication that complements the incredible submissions we received. It also enhances the editorial content by including video footage of our subjects. There are no words for how impressed I am with Kenzie’s vision and Edward’s coding powers.

So, thank you for visiting our brand new website. We are proud to present Met Media’s first digital, interactive publication.

Of course, being the old school soul that I am, I couldn’t bring myself to leave everything to the digital realm. I am a print junkie and will always prefer reading from a book or magazine, so pick up a copy of our literature supplement as well.

- Carlos Escamilla

Carlos Escamilla

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